Kaffetorpets camping



Kaffetorpets camping started as early as in 1940 when a women stared selling coffee to earn some extra money. People soon found that the open area was a nice place to hang out and brought their tents to stay over night. It wasn't until 1970 though that the area became well known for it´s musicfestivals and peole started coming from all over. 

We are at the furthest end of Oknö,  a lovely island in Kalmarsund. Where ever you are staying at our camping site you will never be more that 300 meters away from the water. Our surroundings are breathtaking with lots of places to take walks, bikerides or swims. Plug in some earpods with good music and go for a run along the sea or take the dog for a walk in the areas aound the island. Spend some familytime at the big playground close by or go for a swim. The surrounding trees protects out camping site from most of the winds coming from the sea but are not covering the beautiful views.


Are you tired of spending time on the beach? Take a bikeride in to Mönsterås where you can find shops, restaurants and much more. If you are looking to go a bit further you can take the car or the bus south to Kalmar that is 40 minutes away. Known for its many restaurants you'll have lots of great options to choose from. Kalmar can also offer good shopping and lots of activities for every member of the family. If you instead of going south, you want to go north you'll hit Oscarshamn where you also can find a bit of shopping and some nice restaurants but you can also take a daytrip with the ferrie to the north part of Öland or to the myserius island called Blåjungfrun. For a more kidsfriendly adventure you can go to Astrid Lindgrens world, it is about an hour drive inland for the most splendid family fun.

The reception is open every day from 22/6-30/8 between 9.00-19.00 and sunday 10:00-17:00. The rest of the season we stay open during weekends  and at pre-booked check-ins.

If you have any questions, feel free to call or email us any time!

Check-out is at 12.00.



We wish you will respect the camsite and clean up after yourself and we ask you to keep it quiet between 23.00-07.00.



Open fire on the ground is not allowed! Your BBQ has to be placed at leadt 50cm over the ground and be watched at all times.


All pets are welcome but has to be kept on a lead. They are not allowed in the restrooms or showers.

Fire/emergancy: Save first, call 112 and put out the fire with some of out fire extinguishers. That you can find located of the map


Our service house is open 24/7. Here you have access to showers, restrooms adn areas for cooking and doing the dishes. 


This is placed over by the servicehouse. Unsure? Ask us in the reception.


Do you have any opinions, call or email us directly and we will take action. We are alway looking to become better, help us by leaving a review.